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Our products are from herbs and fruits of this earth. We gathered ingredients from all over the world that have key elements to strengthen and nourish your whole body. Genesis 1:29

  • A: Your skin should have a natural glow if it is healthy and if it is protected from environmental damage. Cleansing and moisturizing daily is key to maintaining healthy skin. Skin on your face is very delicate and you should use products that are mild and do not contain harsh ingredients and that are made specifically for the facial skin. If your skin is dull looking, you will want to use a gentle scrub like our face masque to dust away dead skin cells and bring out new, healthy skin cells once a week. Using a moisturizing or deep cream(depending on your skin type) will emerge your skin's natural glow to the surface. Only use a deep cream once a month.


  • A: The environment can be harsh on the skin especially in the summer. During the hot summer months the sun can deplete the skin of moisture, mainly on the face. It's important to take unique care of our delicate skin at this time and to conserve its moisture. In order to counteract the drying effects of the environment one should moisturize the skin morning and night, this will help to build a velvety canvas for keeping your skin looking its healthiest. Our revivifi face cream, creamy skin softener and body butter with do just that.


  • Cleansing:

    A: Let's start with shampooing your hair every 3 to 7 days if you have ethnic hair and every other day if you are caucasian. Start with gently removing tangles with your fingers then rinse hair for 1 to 3 minutes. Then apply our absolute cream cleanse, moisturizer shampoo or clarifier shampoo in your hands then apply to scalp and a little on hair shaft to remove all debris and unnatural things from the suface of hair and scalp., Our shampoos will not strip your hair, they are a ph of 5.1. Use forceful water to remove all debris. Rinse thoroughly and repeat.

  • A: Towel dry gently but thoroughly, If you are starting with healthy hair, Saturate your hair with our protein or moisturizer conditioner at the scalp then work down to ends. Sit under med heat dryer with plastic cap for 10-15 min. If your hair is damage you have 2 options; 1: cut it all off or 2: love it back to health with recondtioning. You must have maximum penetration of our conditioners whether it be the protein or moisturizer. Next smooth hair gently from crown of head then add plastic cap. Sit under med heat dryer for 10 min take off cap reapply conditioner to to edges, ends, weak spot and thinning strands. go back under dryer for 10 more min, come from under dryer and then reapply more conditioner and another 10 min under dryer. Rinse thoroughly - towel dry gently but good. Apply a quarter size or more for longer hair of our daily moisturizer. Comb through then style as usual.

    Q: Skin Types:

  • A: Most people would like to know their skin type. It's determined by heredity and life style. Your genes determine your hair color, eye color and your skin type. Hormones play a big part in the equation. Adolescents know too well that acne and puberty go hand in hand. A maturing person will generally have drier skin due to the slowing down of the production of oils by the sebaceous glands. As for your lifestyle affecting your skin, there is a correlation between diet, sleep, alcohol, exercise and how your skin looks and feels. Be sure to drink plenty of water to flush impurities out of your skin and body. So your body can heed to the products you put on it. Making your skin it's best. The water will do what it needs for the inside and our face and body products will give your skin types what it needs from the outside.

  • A: Add the aglow healing hair moisturizer and aglow healing hair oil. Use a wide tooth comb, combing from ends to scalp gently. For relaxed hair you can roller set, wrap, or braid and let air dry. Whatever style you choose please no pulling or tight rolling, this will cause breakage. for natural hair you can twist, knot or braid. Add our hair butter cream for define style. If your knotting, not to tight it breaks the hair. For caucasian hair use a very small amount of moisturizer and style as usual. If you are going to use a blow drying make sure it is 70 percent dry before apply heat.

  • A: Our products will decrease the damage done to hair caused by blow drying with our(daily moisturizer). However blow drying does cause split ends and removes moisture which increases breakage. If you must use the blow dryer, decrease the time by allowing for your hair to air dry at least 70 percent before blow drying. Also when using a flat iron try to perform these styling techniques only once per week, with the proper products.

  • A: Moisture in all types of hair is important. If you notice when your hair is wet it is at an 100 percent moisture level. Well that is what we need when it is dry. By applying a small amount of our aglow healing hair moisturizer daily, this will cause for your hair to be hydrated which in return will be easy to manage and cause less breakage. For caucasian hair if your hair is colored or permed apply a small amount of hair moisturizer daily.

  • A: This is a contradiction to healthy hair cultivation. Petroluem and mineral oil will clog the hair shaft preventing proper oxygen and nutrient exchange to the cuticle. They also provide an environment for a particular bacterial growth that actually dries and damage true moisture control, which causes breakage. Lanolin is an alcohol produced from the fiberous prickly wool of sheep, this produces a toxic environment on the scalp that produces allergy. I do not recommend any of these ingredients on your hair. We at Rapha Revivifi System do not add any of these ingredients in our products.

  • A: Satin, Silk Pillowcases or satin or silk caps are the best for preserving moisture in hair. Avoid rollers, roll hair up or pin curl with large pins. If you have night sweats apply a small amount of oil thru your hair, this will maintain moisture through the night.

  • A: Growing your hair calls for Patience, our products will aid your hair in healthiness as it is growing. Hair grows 1/4 to 1/2 an inch a month, with proper maintenance. If you apply love, patience, and the right system you can have long vibrant strong healthy hair.

  • A:Trimming your hair will not stimulate growth, using proper care will stimulate growth. Most patrons have experienced growth from 1/4 to 1/2 inch per month. Our products provide a key to long or short healthy and beautiful hair by providing ingredients that circulate and stimulate a healthy scalp creating healthy hair. Along with providing lot of moisture to the hair cuticle and shaft. Moisturizing hair keeps hair fresh, healthy, and beautiful. Yes trimiming hair is necessary and should be done quarterly or semi annually.

  • A: Body butters are moisturizers that can both protect and hydrate the skin. Our Body Butters are made with a Shea butter base and then combined with enhancing ingredients to make the body butters revive the skin. Our Body Butters are great for dryer skin.

  • A: We do our best to have the best materials for our ingredients that are ethical green. We stress the importance of natural ingredients coming from natural sources so we can provide the best products to our customers. All of our ingredients are natural, naturally derived and organic materials. WE do not have harmful ingredients: No Parabens, No Sulfates, No Glycols, No Lanolin, No Petrolatum, No Mineral Oil, No Silicones, No Synthetic Fragrances (Phthalates) No Artificial Colors and PeopleTested